Guidelines and Contacts

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You may already have a list of items that you require, in which case we are more than happy to receive your specific requirements. However if you need a little inspiration do not hesitate to refer to our catalogues.

We recognize that your orders may cover requirements for both guest/owner and crew and that your budgets may vary considerably across these orders. If you are happy to specify a difference between your lists we will work to match the goods to your needs.

Everything Marine organize deliveries two times per day, the first one late in the morning and the second one early in the afternoon. Please inform us about your preference on delivery time. Deliveries cannot be made on Sundays – on Saturdays afternoon and on Mondays morning.

We will need to receive your order in writing, with details of your expected delivery dates. We request a minimum order of 500,00 € (ex vat) and a minimum turnaround of 36 hours, from when your order is received to delivery. In case of smaller orders or last minute additional items you will be charged a transport fee (we will communicate the transport fee amount prior to delivery).

Everything Marine applies regular Italian taxes policy. Vessels that are eligible for tax free goods need to provide EM with a copy of the ship’s registration papers at the time of the order. We will need to ask Customs to issue the “memorandum”.  The cost of this paper is 110,00 € and it will be charged to the buyer. We are not able to apply a rebate retrospectively.

Everything Marine – Yacht Supply

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