A new selection.

Haven’t you tried our biscuit selection yet? no? we must tell you: this is a pity!

Bettina, our favourite biscuits’ producer, is still creating marvellous sweeties, and she still goes ahead with her straight policy; all biscuits are 100% italian, all biscuits are created with the finest and freshest products, all biscuits are extremely mouthwatering.

After surprising us with her sweet and salty selections, she  surprised us again, with 3 new selections of biscuits. They are created for your tea time,  for your coffee time, and for your aperitif.


For your tea time there are 360grms of sweeties and 4 different flavours in each pack:

-  orange

-  buckwheat and wild berries

-  cornflour and raisins

-  mint






For your coffee time there are again 360grms of sweeties and 4 different flavours in each pack:

- tiramisu

- cinnamon & caramel

- sliced almonds & hazelnuts

- cocoa & granulated hazelnuts






For your aperitif we have 360grms of pure salt and 4 different flavours in each pack:

- country herbs

- curry & poppy seeds

- asiago cheese, corn & onions

- salty cantucci (cantucci pop)


These drawings have been created by Mrs Shanti Ranchetti, a well known local artist,  and they are part of the packaging of these biscuits selections!

For further good news on these biscuits (or anything else) please feel free to contact us @:  info (AT) everythingmarine (DOT) it

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