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Still winter time.

Winter is the part of the year in each you are more relaxed and you have a bit of time off, especially if you are located in Venice and the temperature outside is approx a  couple of degrees centigrades, rain and, obviously wind.

After the Christmas holiday our bodies were  expecting a bit of diet,  some rest for our stomach, but we just received the new fresh pasta’s catalogue and today it is so cold that we thought it will be better to have some happy food today…we can start the diet tomorrow…

The secret on fresh pasta is that it must be fresh, our products expire in approx 5 days…this means it is very fresh. The second important thing is about the ingredients, they are all prepared with eggs and flour, the quality of the eggs can make the difference.  The last (but not least) keypoint is about the filling. Fresh tagliatelle, fresh gnocchi, fresh spaghetti or linguine, do not require a filling but if you think about ravioli or tortellini you can easily image how important it will be to have a first  quality and as much  seasonal as possible stuffing .

All year long we can have:





ravioli ricotta & spinach

ravioli with prosciutto di parma

during this long winter we recommend

ravioli stuffed with pumpkin

ravioli stuffed with  artichockes

ravioli stuffed with local fish

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