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new product in town


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This unique and exclusive accessory,  at first dedicated to the Yacht Club Capri’s members, will be for sale in a limited edition starting from September onwards and will only be found at the best wine shops. If you love life onboard a boat – and you are lucky enough to own one or rent a yacht each summer – you cannot do without this precious box. What are We Talking about? We are talking about the Blue Bar, mini bar in the limited edition designed by Johnnie Walker Blue Label which houses/contains all the necessary for the perfect tasting of the finest cocktails. First of all, the Scotch Whisky Johnnie Walker Blue Label.
How did we get the concept? Allow us to explain. The project is a collaborative effort between the famous whiskey label and the Yacht Club Capri, one of the most prestigious sailing clubs along the Tyrrhenian coast.
Its body made of blue Epoxy resin and with the Johnnie Walker Blue Label logos as well as the Yacht Club Capri as a decoration, its content  is especially valuable: The top box contains a bottle of fine Scotch whiskey, a selection of 4 excellent bottles and a set of 4 triple- bottomed balloon glasses. We can rightfully talk about luxury and refined taste when it comes to life onboard a yacht!

Depending on the occasion,  whether we range from an elegant aperitif or an meditative after-dinner drink,   you can make a good impression by serving gin Tanqueray No. Ten, the first in the world made with carefully selected and cut by hand fresh citrus flavors, or vodka Cîroc, the only produced through the distillation of grapes. On top of that, a Talisker North 57th, the single malt Scotch whiskey, rum and the sophisticated Zacapa XO characterized by scents of vanilla, almond and chocolate. Have we convinced you?  Equipped with a carrying handle, the oval-shaped  Johnnie Walker Blue Label Minibar can be easily carried on board.

For further info on blue bar just drop us a line.